4 Reasons why you should consider purchasing a Pre-Paid Cremation Plan Today!

couple laughing outside-2Over the next 18 years, the rate of cremation in the United States is projected to increase by nearly 30 percent according to the 2018 Cremation and Burial Report, released by the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). Already having outpaced the rate of burial for three consecutive years, the national cremation rate will reach nearly 80 percent (or 2.80 million cremations per year) by 2035, based on a variety of factors including changing consumer preference, weakening religious prohibitions and environmental concerns. 
The decision to preplan your funeral is a very personal one. It is very normal to approach this decision with a great amount of anxiety due to the sensitivity that can surround this subject. Those who ultimately take the important step of documenting their wishes regarding their funeral and ultimately sharing these decisions with loved ones usually express a great sense of comfort and relief.
If you have already decided that cremation IS the right choice for you then there is no reason to not invest in a pre-paid plan today.
1. Pre-planning allows you to consider the best choices for yourself and your family
In a survey by The Conversation Project, 90% of people said that talking with their loved
ones about end-of-life care is important, but only 27% had actually done it. By including
your loved ones in the process, you can help prevent confusion, disagreement, and hurt
feelings. They can also be a valuable support system in your decision-making.
2. Pre-planning saves money
The cost of cremation is rising every year. By making decisions now and paying for future services at present-day prices, you are protected against inflation.
3. Preplanning protects your family financially
Many people called upon to make final arrangements at time of need are doing it for
the first time. The combination of inexperience and emotion can result in loved ones
overspending, and possibly buying services and products they don’t need. Making
advance arrangements saves your loved ones from the expense at the time of need –
and that’s a big burden you’ll be easing at an already stressful time.
4. Preplanning provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones
Not preplanning at all, is a mistake. Although your family may initially be uncomfortable with discussing the specifics of your final arrangements, making your wishes known in advance will ultimately save them anxiety at the time of need.
Frequently, family members describe the peace of mind in knowing final arrangements
have been taken care of as the greatest gift their loved one could leave. It’s hard to
make decisions at such an emotional time; having the decisions made in advance, and in accordance with your wishes, allows them to instead focus on honoring you,
remembering and celebrating your life.
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