Prescription Drug Coverage Option

Prescriptions are the biggest expense in U.S. Healthcare with $360 Billion spent on
pharmaceuticals in 2019 alone! More than 131 million people, that’s 66% of all adults in the
United States, use prescription drugs. In addition to those statistics, the majority of adults who
have one of these common chronic conditions; diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis,
and cancer, are typically using one or more pharmaceuticals daily!
A study published in the PubMed stated that many chronically ill patients self report taking less of their medication than has been prescribed, owing to cost concerns, especially those patients with low incomes, multiple chronic health problems, or no prescription drug coverage.

Does your insurance cover the cost of your medications? NO?
Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering with a chronic illness and have exorbitant
fees to obtain your medications?
Wouldn’t it be nice to lower that monthly cost?
Find out more about the PRAM RX plan:
Find our more about the Pram RX plan